To contact the General Chairman please email


Mike Sullivan


Christopher Natale

General Chairman

Vito Plaia

1st Vice President

James Sokolowski

Vice General Chairman

Mike Stewart

2nd Vice President

Kevin Berthelsen-Leon

General Secretary Treasurer

James Carone

Local Financial Secretary

Brian Aarne

Local Chairman

Ryan Burns

Local Recording Secretary

Anthony Izzo

Local Chairman

Chris Hennessey

Local Trustee

James Ridley

Local Chairman

Alan Wachtin

Local Trustee

Steve Smith

Local Chairman

Steven Smith

Local Trustee

Willian Saar III

Local Chairman

Joseph Fuoco

Local Chairman

We are coming up on the triennial BRS elections. Please update your address if you have moved to ensure you receive your mail ballot. Nominations will be at the general membership meeting on August 30th at Hibernian Hall in Babylon. Nominees should be familiar with the BRS Agreement, Signal & Comm. mechanics class evaluation standards, Word, and Excel. Financial positions require BRS Grand Lodge training in Quickbooks and/or similar accounting experience or coursework. Check for training or return and click here as new dates are made available.