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Ryan Burns

Local President

Christopher Natale

General Chairman

Vito Plaia

1st Vice President

James Sokolowski

Vice General Chairman

Mike Stewart

2nd Vice President

Michael Sullivan

Vice General Chairman - Signal

Kevin Berthelsen-Leon

General Secretary Treasurer

James Carone

Local Financial Secretary

Brian Aarne

Local Chairman

Olivier Desinor

Local Recording Secretary

Anthony Izzo

Local Chairman

Chris Hennessey

Local Trustee

James Ridley

Local Chairman

Alan Wachtin

Local Trustee

Steve Smith

Local Chairman

Dom Purificato

Local Trustee

Willian Saar III

Local Chairman

Mike Garofano

Local Chairman

August 12th Nominations

There was only one nomination for the entire local triennial elections last month. There were three spots available for the board of Trustees with the incumbents being nominated as well as Jon Quinlivan. Alan Wachtin is not seeking another term, therefore in accordance with Article II of the BRS Constitution, the remaining nominees are all elected by acclamation.

Brother Wachtin was appointed to a vacant position in 2015 when Ray Rodriguez accepted a promotion to management. Alan won his first election in 2017 as an incumbent to the Board of Trustees. He will officially serve until November 1, 2020 when Brother Quinlivan's term begins. We thank him for his 5 years of service as an officer.

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