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Local 56 Members "Supporting the Cause"

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Regarding the TWU Local 100 rally of 9/29/09

We had numbers, we had commitment, we even wore the "Red" Shirts.

local 56 members at TWU rally in front of M.T.A. headquarters, 9/29/09.

local 56 members at TWU rally in front of M.T.A. headquarters, 9/29/09.

We would like to thank all of our local 56 bretherin who were able to attend the TWU rally. It is imperative that we stand up for what is right and oppose the constant attempts at the usurpation of the rights of labor. How will we be able to bargain in good faith if the powers that be only follow the rules when it suits them? A terrible precedent has been set which shows the contempt that the MTA has for it's employees.

Today it's TWU Local 100, next it could be BRS Local 56.

In these trying times we need to stand up for what is right.

Did we have the numbers?..............Yes we did!

Did we have the commitment?.........Yes we did!

Did we support our brothers & sisters in transit?...Yes we did!

Were we heard?....Yes we were.

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National Day of Action

On May 17th 2007 transportation Unions around the country gathered in Washington DC for the National Day of Action, promoting the causes which affect us all in transportation Labor. I was honored and privileged to be part of a delegation representing the men of The Brotherhood of Railroad Signalmen LIRR Local 56 at this national event. We had first rallied in front Amtraks Union Station HQ with approx. 200 of our fellow Brothers and Sisters in Rail Labor. We then listened to speeches from various Senators and Congressmen thanking Labor Unions for their support and openly stating their displeasure with the current administrations lack of funding for Amtrak. We then marched down to the national mall to join the main rally with thousands in attendance. With ever rising fuel costs and environmental concerns, Rail transportation will continue to grow and be a vital part of the future of America. It is important that we support the people who support us in our endeavors both as a Union and as a nation.

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