A Message To All Local 56 Members

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Please be aware that on Monday morning the Carrier might attempt to provide field training on how to return to work from a COVID quarantine or work from home status. It could come in the form of a handout at a safety meeting and/or an order from Management to force employees to sign their consent.

No one should accept this as a form of training. We have never stopped working, and we have worked with dignity and professionalism on all C&S maintenance tasks and Capital projects. When we agree to any such new form of mandatory training the BRS will endorse accordingly.

If management takes these measures including company thermometers and directions on taking yourself out of service without pay, then respectfully decline without being insubordinate. Next, make sure to contact a union officer immediately. Please make sure all in your gangs and subdivisions are aware, and stay safe.

In Solidarity,
BRS Long Island Local 56 Committee