Grievance Inquiry

If you think that you may have a grievance please fill out the form and email it to us.

It is imperative that you include as much information as possible in the effort to help support your issue, so we ask that you refer to the information sheet provided below when drafting your inquiry.
We will do our best to contact you as soon as possible, but to ensure that your information has been received it is important that you follow up and contact the General Chairman.

Be advised that this form is experimental. It has been developed in an effort to help officials get as much information as possible from the claimant(s) so that they may pursue matters more efficiently, and shall not be considered an actual claim until officially designated as such. Established protocols must be adhered to if an actual grievance is to be pursued.

Collecting Facts for a Claim or Grievance

  1. Who was involved?
    1. Name and position?
    2. Covered by agreement?
  2. What happened to make it a claim or grievance?
  3. Where did it happen?
    1. Did it happen more than once?
    2. If so. did it happen in more than one period?
  4. When did it happen?
    1. Day of the week?
    2. Date?
    3. Time of day?
    4. During or outside the claimant(s) working hours?
  5. Why did it happen? (Not why it is a grievance.)
    1. Caution! Is this a "fact" or "opinion", or a mixture of both"? (Separate the two).
    2. If you cannot get enough facts to prove your opinion as to why it happened, then what are the facts that have led you to your opinion?
  6. Witnesses?
    1. (a)Who?
    2. (b) Did they observe the actual occurrence, the effects, or both? If neither, be prepared to explain.
  7. Write it all down, at least the facts.

A Claim or Grievance

1. Cause

  1. What?
  2. When?
  3. Where?
  4. Why?
  5. Who?

2. Effect

  1. Loss of work?
  2. Deprived of seniority?
  3. Deprived of overtime?
  4. Denied promotion or transfer?
  5. Denied expense reimbursement?
  6. Improper compensation?
  7. Improper discipline?

3. Remedy

  1. On whose behalf?
  2. What?
    1. Seniority?
    2. Compensation?
    3. Promotion?
    4. Transfer?
    5. Reduction or removal of discipline?

3. Claimant(s)

  1. On whose behalf?
  2. What?
    1. Name and identity
    2. Position
    3. Promotion?
    4. Transfer?
    5. Reduction or removal of discipline?