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Access online forms, locate participating medical providers or find any information regarding benefits.

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Note: For other BRS local websites not listed please visit the BRS Grand Lodge site.

Railroad Workers United

An inter-union cross-craft solidarity “caucus” of railroad workers. View Website.

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B-Well Massage Therapy Accepting NYSHIP

The Railroad Retirement Board

The Railroad Retirement Board  works for each and every railroad worker who is entitled to Railroad Retirement. You can use their secure website or call the local office and they will stay on the phone with you until each and every question is answered clearly.  They are a great resource for questions on military service, divorce, and all annuity information.  Click on the links below for retirement information and the link to the RRB website.

Important Phone Numbers

LIRR Radio Channels

  • TR-1
    Block/Interlockings West of Divide and Montauk branch.

  • MW-1
    Sig. & Comm, Power.

  • TR-2
    Dispatcher – Movement/ 204

  • MW-2
    B&B, Structures, Track.

  • TR-3
    Block/Interlockings Divide east and Port Jeff & Main line Yard Operations.

  • MW-3
    Maintenance, Truck to Truck.

  • TR-4
    Car Insp. & Babylon yard.
  • WX-1
    NYC Weather.

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