We are Local 56!

Local 56 represents Communications and Signal employees working for the Long Island Rail Road.

Local 56 has been resolute in the establishment and protection of the rights and working conditions of it's represented employees, and will continue to be so in an uncertain and ever changing environment.

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Congratulations to our BRS Local 241 brothers and sisters!

They have just ratified 2 contracts plus a new agreement with overtime rules, grievance procedure, work rules and medical benefits. The BRS is now approaching 800 members in our LIRR bargaining unit. The 241 committee AND their members put in an extraordinary amount of personal time to get this deal done. Well done brothers and sisters!

Update from recent meeting with the Carrier:

Our employee passes cannot be made to work on the Subway system so they EXPECT to issue employee MetroCards in EIGHT weeks. They look like a MetroCard on one side and and depict LIRR on the reverse. Also, they will be programmed so that you cannot swipe and then give to the person behind you for an extra free fare.

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