We are Local 56!

Local 56 represents Communications and Signal employees working for the Long Island Rail Road.

Local 56 has been resolute in the establishment and protection of the rights and working conditions of it's represented employees, and will continue to be so in an uncertain and ever changing environment.

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Jesse Power’s house fire fundraiser

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Double time Holiday Rule

This has come up a lot lately. Only a few members have asked for hard bound copies or PDF of the 2018 contract. Please note that the double time issue with a holiday should be clear to the company. You cannot be penalized. If you have been improperly paid, please send grievances!

Double time Holiday Rule.  Please read.

It is with deepest sympathy we announce the passing of William Saar Sr

Father of retired BRS General Chairman – William Saar
Grandfather of Signal Foreman William Saar 3rd

Jean Natale

With deepest sympathy we regret to announce the passing of General Chairman Christopher Natale's mother Jean.  It was only three months since Jean's husband Salvatore passed away.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the Natale family.

The BRS regrets to inform you of the passing of our Brother Paul Iraci.

Please see the attached memo regarding making donations to Paul and his family.

Come out to support the members of TWU in their contract fight against the MTA.

The MTA Headquarters building is located at 2 Broadway, near Bowling Green Station.  Read the flyer for details.

New Agreement Books Now Available

New agreement books with all modifications and current wages are now available in hard copy and electronic format. Download here or request bound booklet from a union officer.

It is with deepest sympathy and heavy heart that we inform you of the passing of Salvatore Natale, father of Brotherhood of Railroad Signalmen General Chairman Christopher Natale.

Services will be private. Condolences can be sent to:
Jean Natale
46 Imperial Drive
Selden, NY 11 784

Check back for updates for more info on the labor rally. We are all in this together.

Eileen Howell and her son Thomas are raising awareness for suicide prevention.

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Brian Aarne, James Carone, James Ridley, and Mike Sullivan.

Update from Grand Lodge.

General Chairman Mike Owens from Chicago Metra has retired after an impressive and long career of service to the BRS. With his position on the Grand Board of Trustees now vacated, General Chairman Chris Natale was nominated and unanimously elected to serve on the board. Present from Local 56 for the election were Brian Aarne, James Carone, James Ridley, and Mike Sullivan.

Vice General Chairman Michael Sullivan has been appointed to serve on the BRS TRAINING COMMITTEE. The position was also vacant as a result of Mike Owens' retirement. The objective is to use every outlet to promote unionism and educate new officers.

Mike Sullivan was also appointed to serve as New York Political Director to assist Grand Lodge Legislative Representative, Mike Efaw.

Article I Referendum Info

August 6th

Read This NTSB Scathing Report

Click here to read the NTSB scathing report concerning unacceptable slow reaction regarding implementation and training on PTC and its effect on public and employee safety.

National Safety Month

We know how dangerous the job can be.  Traditionally in the rail industry, safety is highlighted only when convenient to the carrier.  During national safety month, please make an effort to be safe NO MATTER WHAT!  We all have a responsibility to our FAMILY to return home safe.

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Please support BRS brother Julio Fuentes for a special fundraiser in memory of Daniel Fuentes.

Please visit www.spcdanielafuentes.com

Please note these email addresses: BrsComm@lirr.org & BrsSignal@lirr.org

These user names were created by the company in an effort to help simplify submitting bids. Perhaps they should have been named differently but please note that your UNION DOES NOT MONITOR OR RECEIVE ANY EMAILS sent here.

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