We are Local 56!

Local 56 represents Communications and Signal employees working for the Long Island Rail Road.

Local 56 has been resolute in the establishment and protection of the rights and working conditions of it's represented employees, and will continue to be so in an uncertain and ever changing environment.

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Vacation News

For those who have vacation errors DUE TO ROSTER SENIORITY MISTAKES, please notify a union rep and identify the mistake with proof of original selection sheet.  You may also email to info@railroadsignalmen.org.

Salute all those men & women from the BRS and everywhere else for whose sacrifices has made this country safe and great. This wonderful day is for remembering your bravery and thanking you for everything!

Click here for a message from the AFL-CIO Union Veterans Council.

Celebrate union label week!

In the spirit of union label week and our 100th anniversary on Long Island, the BRS has union made t shirts and hats for each member who is attending the Signalmen's Ball. Do your part and buy union made this week! Contact a union official or this website for more info. Visit https://unionlabel.org/do-buy for more information.

Please note these email addresses: BrsComm@lirr.org & BrsSignal@lirr.org

These user names were created by the company in an effort to help simplify submitting bids. Perhaps they should have been named differently but please note that your UNION DOES NOT MONITOR OR RECEIVE ANY EMAILS sent here.

SAFETY AUDIT ALERT! Be sure to fill out job briefing cards daily and keep them for the required 10 days in case of random field audit.

Delegates for the August 2018 BRS Convention are now final

Thank you to all who came to the Special Meeting for nominations. Our Elective Delegate at Large plus 14 regular Delegates and 2 Alternates were all elected by acclamation. Any news from the Convention will be addressed in the Signalmen's Journal and in a regular Local meeting sometime around September.

BRS Local 56 Members Steve Smith and Greg Weyant were serving in Iraq in the New York Air National Guard's 106th Rescue Wing and lost their brothers in a tragic helicopter accident.

Please click here to help donate to their families on Stephen Siller's Tunnel to Towers fundraiser.

The LIRR has hired a consulting firm called HNTB to oversee our current on track safety procedures.

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